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 For the first time I have decided to hold an awards show for RCT3 creators. There are a number of nominations and categories. The show will be held this winter to get ready for the 2011 year. Please see below for more info.



  -How can I get nominated for the awards?

        The best way is to add your video to the awards drop box. (Click HERE to go to the drop box)

        The next best way is to send an email with an attachment video. My email is chipmunksongdj15@yahoo.com


 - Where will the awards be held?


      Well the awards will be held in RCT3 at "The Ellis Theater". The awards video will be broadcast on my youtube channel.


 -For any other questions, just send me a 

 PM from your website account, or email me 

  at chipmunksongdj15@yahoo.com








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